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Fine art from both real life and photos.

Depending on the circumstances, commissioned art work can be done from life or photos or a combination of the two.  My work is done in watercolors or oils. My murals are done in exterior semi-gloss for long lasting wear.

Garden Gate - oil      Pond, Norfolk Botanical - oil      War Mother's Garden, Norfolk Botanical - oil     The Gore house in New Orleans (not of VP Gore) oil     CIMG4483b.JPG (981749 bytes)

        Flying_Eagle_Buddy.jpg (102874 bytes)      fluteplayer.jpg (72475 bytes)      Meagan.jpg (108909 bytes)          

Art_sanfran.jpg (647039 bytes)                   


        Assorted bottles painted at restaurant    Highlights at Jose Tequilas Norfolk    CIMG3360.JPG (572934 bytes)    gardenmurial2.jpg (364168 bytes)     

Still Lifes

pears - oil        Corn  - watercolor        MixedApples - watercolor

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Art by Sarah Gullette Williamson